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Why is there no „source” field in metadata of my project?

Because “source” field is added only to projects which are the result of OAI importation.

When the changes, which I amend to the project, are being saved to the database? When do they become visible to everybody?

When you amend changes in the transcription editor, you can save them by:

  • pressing “enter”
  • pressing  “up” or “down” button

Changes will not be saved if you close the editor’s dialogue (esc button or the cross on the dialogue). The information about saving changes (or not) appears in the right lower corner of the screen. Changes in the whole page become visible for everybody after leaving the editor or closing the browser tab.

How to work with manuscripts in WLT?

Work with manusrcipts in WLT is just a minor change in the typically used schema (in which we import the results of OCR and amend them).

The whole process goes the same until the moment of gaining the results of optical character recognition. In case of manuscripts do not press the "Import results" button, but the "Import only lines coordinates" one. After that, in the next step, we obtain an empty lines coordinates net in which we can manually write in a text from a given line, so as the digital manuscripts can become searchable. 

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